School Performance

At Starehe Girls Centre we have consistently demonstrated exceptional academic performance over the years, with an impressive average of 95% university intake rate from 2008 to 2023 based on Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). This remarkable achievement reflects the school’s commitment to providing high-quality education and preparing its students for higher education and future success.

The school’s rigorous academic curriculum, dedicated teaching staff, and supportive learning environment have contributed to the outstanding performance of its students. Starehe Girls Centre focuses on holistic development, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also character building, leadership skills, and critical thinking abilities.

With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and a focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals, Starehe Girls Centre has become a renowned institution known for producing top-performing students who excel in various fields. The consistent high university intake rate is a testament to the school’s success in preparing students for higher education and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

Overall, Starehe Girls Centre’s track record of a 95% university intake rate from 2008 to 2023 underscores its reputation as a leading educational institution that is dedicated to empowering young women and shaping future leaders through academic excellence and holistic development.

Starehe Girls' Centre