This is an agricultural friendly club. It aims at educating the youth on the importance of using available resources. It impacts life skills in young people. Our main activities include: feeding the fish, feeding the chicken, feeding the rabbits, assisting dairy attendant in cleaning, tiding up farm house and doing some voluntary work around the school.

Journalism aims at informing the students about the day-to-day news. The club goal is to ensure that no one is left behind in this fast-growing world so that together we can move forward. We set up interviews about the latest teachers who have joined the school, put up articles, ask for suggestions and comments and report on major activities that have occurred in the school. This helps us nurture the journalism profession among the students. The club believe in truth and facts and we do not disappoint our readers with what we produce.

IT Club offers a great platform for the students who plan to pursue information technology at higher education levels and those who want to be well acquainted with computers and technology. The Club meets every Wednesday and learn how to manipulate various applications and programs. IT is a club where creativity is highly encouraged in coming up with graphic designs as well as technology based ideas towards a digital generation.

The school Drama Club was founded in 2010 to nurture the students’ talents in Theatre and Film-work, script writing and the Arts generally. Definitely, aside from books one has to be involved in co-curricular activities. Our is focus more on the youth as we tap fresh potential and yet-to-be-discovered talent.

The Club undertake environmental activities within the school and its vicinity. Club activities include seed collection, propagation and transplanting seedlings of indigenous trees. The Club participates annually in World Environment-cum-Wangari Maathai’s Day, held at the UNEP offices at Gigiri. The Club work hand in hand with the Green Belt Movement organization among others. The Movement gave a huge donation of tree seedlings, seeds, tools and planting bags towards the starting of a MEGA tree nursery project. The project was officially launched by Sir John Peace, the Worldwide Group Chairman of the Standard Chartered Bank. Read here

The main activities of the club include practicing Maths since we believe that practice makes perfect. The club also set aside days when it welcomes all the students in the school to bring forward any mathematical challenges, they might have so that we can solve them together. The club also believe that Mathematics is the route of most subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Business Studies, among others, that at least apply Maths in one way or the other. The club encourages all students to develop a passion for Maths so as to pass in the other subjects too. To be a mathematician that can mathematize mathematics mathematically, then you just have to change your attitude and practice it more.

The Tax Club is started In the year 2012, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) came up with the idea of starting the club in schools. This was to enlighten the students and youth about the importance of taxation. Our school was one of the founder members among few other schools. Our patron and the KRA group have always been there to see that we keep up the club spirit by giving us information and knowledge about tax. With this, the youth, tomorrow’s leaders, obtain ideas and learn more about taxation, hence developing a positive attitude towards tax payment. KRA also offers internships to Tax Club members after Form Four.

The School Interact Club was established and awarded a Charter Certificate on 27th April 2017. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Milimani. The club which is composed of 60   members aims at serving the community and making a difference.  It also creates a platform for the girls to grow in leadership and make a difference. The club has been very active since its formation and has undertaken various activities. The members remain dedicated as they plan for more activities in which they can impact their community as they uphold the spirit of “Service Above Self.”

Home Science Club, It is a discipline that entails the study of household management whose main goal is to impart knowledge and skills and improvement of quality of life for an individual, a family, a community and the nation thus making the world a better habitat. Major areas in this esteemed subject include food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, home management, child care, health education and consumer education that goes a long way to make a person all rounded, one of the key goals of the education system in our country. The area of clothing and textiles deals with textile fibres, sewing equipment and clothing construction that enables one to acquire skills which not only make them self-reliant but also highly valuable in the society. It gives room for one to acquire skills out of the classroom environment which in turn improves one’s intellectual ability and superiority.

The German club has internal and external functions. From these functions, students learn a lot and this has improved their ability to speak fluently in German. For instance, they had a German Day and German Cultural Festival. Members are very committed to the activities of the club and this has really improved their language capacity keeping in mind that it is a foreign language which needs constant practice.

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Le Club De Francais. We   meet    in   the    French   Room    every   Wednesday. We   watch French   films and   listen    to    French   Music.  We   learn   the    French    language    and   the French culture.  During    free   time, we    play    the board    games   e.g.  Cards, chess   and   sometimes   French   games. 

The main aim of Red Cross as a club is to give first aid whenever needed.  Just like the greetings suggest “HINIVUU” Humanity Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Volunteerism, Universal. Red Cross is an effective, most trusted international organization which was started many years ago to help the injured, encourage quick recovery for the maimed and save lives.  Our mission is to help people around us (for example, during walk days) wherever we go in vigour and compassion as well as do voluntary services. We learn many basic skills about First Aid which are important for everyone to know. We sum it up, with our slogan as founded by Henry   Dunant: “ALWAYS THERE”

The main aim of the Debate club is to provide a training ground for great upcoming leaders of this nation. The club also breeds the great public speaking talent in many of the privileged girls at the Centre. Currently, the club has members who are active and have qualities of leaders worth emulation. The Club has been attending the Great Debators Contests and are glad that our speakers have been termed as not just good but more than good. At least every term, our patron makes sure that we hold internal debates to boost our talent. Watch some of our previous presentations.

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The Debate Club Presentation during the Great Debaters Contest Kenya.
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