The core mandate of Starehe Girls Centre is to provide quality education in order to develop full potential in academic and personal development of all students. This is achieved through teaching of a well-developed wide curriculum that open up many career avenues for students.

Starehe Education Principles

Starehe Girls is committed to the education of the ‘whole person’, striving to foster a school spirit and environment which will impel each girl to give her intellectual best in the classroom, her moral best in her relationships with other people and her physical best when on the sporting fields or outdoor activities and which is conducive to her personal spiritual growth.

Starehe Girls believe in granting a great measure of trust to girls and in encouraging them to accept responsibilities of a demanding nature in order to inculcate qualities of leadership, confidence, self-reliance, self-realization and the development of initiative.

To this end, Starehe Girls have a choice of a wide range of activities, with a particular emphasis on outdoor adventure, in which they are challenged to participate especially through  Clubs, Movements, Schemes, Societies, and Sports.

Form 4 Class 2020

To All Form 4 Students, you are hereby informed to make good use of e-content learning  materials on E-Learning Page as you prepare for National Examination K.C.S.E.  The Exam will start on 19-03-2021. For follow ups and assistance, call Directors office on 0110087733. Find a copy of K.C.S.E Timetable.

Count Down to K.C.S.E

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